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The Prime Minister Presides Over the Award Ceremony of the Winners of the National Competition and the World Championship of Invention

The Ministry of Industry, Mines and Energy, in collaboration with the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research and under the chairmanship of the Head of Government, Najla Bouden, organized on 1 and 02 September 2022, the event TUNISIA TICAD INNOVATION 2022 "Crossroads of Business and Innovation in Africa. In this context, the Head of Government presided over the opening of the International Exhibition of Innovation, Research and Invention, as well as the award ceremony of the 3rd edition of the National Competition of Invention and the 1st World Championship of Invention and Scientific Research, as part of the parallel events to the Tokyo Conference for Development in Africa -TICAD 8. These events were organized by the Agency for the Promotion of Industry and Innovation (APII) (http://www.TunisieIndustrie.nat.tn), in the presence of the ambassadors of Japan, Egypt and the European Union, the President of UTICA, high-level official delegations, national and international organizations, institutions and funding and investors.

The exhibition saw the participation of 15 countries of different nationalities, including African countries, among which Tunisia. The best innovations and research candidates for the third edition of the National Competition of Invention and the first World Championship of Invention and Scientific Research, as well as startups and innovative companies especially in the sectors and services of automotive components and aerospace, were reviewed, in addition to the participation of support structures involved in the system of innovation, research and technology promotion.

The Prime Minister together with the Minister of Industry, Mines and Energy presented the prizes to the winners of the National Invention Competition in its third edition and the World Invention Championship, both competitions were evaluated by an international jury of experts of different nationalities, the results of which resulted in the crowning of a set of individual and institutional inventions within the framework of the national competition and the victory of candidates from different countries within the framework of the World Invention Championship, as follows:

3rd edition of the National Invention Contest


1st prize – Mr. Sofiane BEN ABDALLAH

Invention: Digital system for voice warning of road drivers by infrared digital road signs

2nd prize - Mr. Hamadi BEN MIM

Invention: Propeller alternator that charges the batteries of electric cars

3rd prize – Ms. Fatma AROUSSI

Invention: Waterproof stockings and leg prosthesis fixers


1st prize - Ms. Erij MESSAADI– Institut Pasteur de Tunis

Invention: Lebecetin (LCT), a molecule derived from snake venom, as a neovascularization inhibitor in the treatment of ocular diseases, cancers or inflammatory disorders with neovascular component

2nd prize - Ms. Basma HADJ KACEM– Biotechnological Center of Sfax.

Invention: Pharmaceutical preparation with high anti-hemorrhagic power

3rd prize - Ms. Nidhal SALEM– Borj Cedria Biotechnology Center

Invention: Process for obtaining a meat bioconservative based on a natural colorant

1st International Championship of Invention and Scientific Research

The winners of the World Championship were crowned with world prizes and titles such as the "Europe Prize" awarded by the European Union, the "Africa Prize" awarded by the African Development Bank (ADB) and the "Tunisia Prize" awarded by the Deposit and Consignment Office and funded by the World Bank.


1st prize - (TUNISIA)


Invention: Pharmaceutical preparation with high anti-hemorrhagic power

2nd prize - (KUWAIT)


Mr. Talel AL HIZAMI,

Mr. Mohamed Salah EL DHAFIRI

Mr. Abderrazak EL KHALAF

Mr. Mohamed Nawef EL BAHR

Invention: Special Machines based on IOT technology



Invention: Tool for identifying ocular inclinations


1st prize - TUNISIA






Invention: Application to search for similar dysmorphic images

2nd prize - JORDAN


Invention: Design of low voltage integrated circuits

3rd prize


Invention: Development of an intensive breeding system of edible insect species to initiate the basis of tomorrow's human and animal food.


Invention: Nanotechnological applications in medicine

These prizes were awarded by the European Union, the African Development Bank, the World Bank, the Deposit and Consignment Office, the Abdelwahab Ben Ayed Foundation, the structures and support institutions under the Ministry of Industry, Mines and Energy, as well as by the Global Universal Innovations (GOIDI) and the International Federation of Invention (IFIA)

The Prime Minister also visited the pavilion of startups specializing in technology sectors and useful innovations in the fields of environment, green economy, artificial intelligence and health. She also visited the Automotive Hackathon area, which brings together several teams of engineers specialized in the field of information software for the development of innovative software in the automotive components sector, which allowed her to meet young innovative creators capable of creating inventions with high added value for the future of a smart industry based on innovative and groundbreaking rules.

The following is a list of the winners of the awards presented by the Minister of Industry, Mines and Energy and awarded by the German Cooperation Program:


I. First challenge –

Challenge sponsor: VISTEON

Smart troubleshooting application

1st Laureate

As the results expected by the challenge holder and the organizers were not achieved, the first prize for the selected challenge (will not be awarded)

2nd Laureate

NEURODATA team consisting of : Yassine Hamdaoui - Bacem Ben Hamdaoui - Feriel Haouala

II. Second challenge

Challenge sponsor: FRACAMA

Mastery of the requirements in terms of "carbon Foot print"

1st Laureate

BOTVERSE team consisting of: Eya kaabachi - Semah kadri - Chaima khemiri - Fares moalla - Moez bouchoucha

2nd Laureate

LAB DIGITAL BONTAZ team consisting of: Jemli Ghassen - Mohamed Ali Hosni - Ahlem Mahmoud - Imen Ben Samir - Mohamed Weslati

III. Third challenge

Challenge sponsor: StartupGateX and ACTIA AFRICA


1st Laureate

TONOM team consisting of: Achraf gazzeh - Ahmed marnissi - Oussema jlassi - Meryem soltani - Khawla soltani

2nd Laureate

Bug Busters team consisting of: Zahra Soula - Maudhaffer Bouallegui - Dorra Makhloufi - Yasmine Daly - Nour Sbaoul

TEAMCAD team consiseting of: Mohamed ali zormati - Hana ben Ghezail - Yassine ayadi - Ranim saidi - Anis ben ghanem

Pitching Sessions

Among the side events organized is a matchmaking gathering of startups in the fields of technological innovation, under the joint organization of the APII and the Startup Tunisia Foundation, which focuses on the promotion of projects, the creation of a space for exchange and networking of young researchers and funding. These projects include:






Hidayet Ayadi

A learning application for children using interactive cartoons, exercises and games, with content adapted for dyslexic children.

Bako Motors


Boubaker Siala

Bako Motors manufactures electric vehicles, with a solar power system, to ensure a range of 40 km per day, and offers professional adaptation solutions for a rapid entry into electric mobility.

Pixii Motors


Anis Fkih

Manufacture of an intelligent two-wheeled electric scooter designed for two people with a removable battery, including an intelligent dashboard combining software and hardware engineering.

Ezzayra Solutions


Yasser Bououd

Development and integration of technological products for agriculture. Software, hardware and robotics.



Iheb Triki

Kumulus specializes in building machines the size of mini-fridges, producing 30 liters of drinking water per day using only solar energy and atmospheric humidity.


Energy solutions

Malek Attallah

Wattnow offers an IoT power monitoring and control solution that helps businesses reduce waste and improve energy efficiency


Creative Tech

Houda BAKIR et Jihed Makni

HistorIAR relies on artificial intelligence and augmented reality to offer a mobile application for "immersive augmented tours" to visitors of archaeological and heritage sites.



Issam Bellaj

Med.tn is a platform for making appointments, medical directory and teleconsultation.



Hichem Mokni

NextAV provides innovative solutions and services for aerial mapping and photography, starting from ultralight aircraft to large-scale drones.



Imen Hbiri

Robocare offers a solution to the rapid spread of diseases in greenhouse plants and the extensive use of pesticides. Robocare detects diseases at an early stage using spectral technology, which will improve the quality and quantity of crops and reduce the use of pesticides.


Business management

Nassreddine Riahi

Cynoia is a platform that brings together all your communication and collaboration tools under one roof, simply and efficiently.

Recommendations from the TUNISIA TICAD INNOVATION 2022:

1/ Perpetuate TTINN 2022 to ensure annual follow-up of the TICAD International Conference preparatory actions focusing on economic themes and priorities for Africa's transformation through innovation and industrialization.

2/ Consolidate through the establishment of the Africa-Japan Symposium on Society, Science and Technology (AFJASSST), a multidisciplinary international conference, which will focus on economic, technical, scientific and technological innovation in partnership with TICAD member countries.

3/ Establishing a network of technoparks, incubators and school innovation centers:

This includes the establishment of networks of technoparks, schools, high schools, universities and incubators connected in Africa for the promotion of regional and international partnerships in all high value-added sectors and investments in knowledge and innovation with TICAD countries and the rest of the world, drawing on Japanese expertise in this field.

4/ Creation and launching of the initiative of creating an Invention Industrialization Fund and a platform bringing together researchers and industrialists on the African continent.

5/ Annual organization of the International Championship of Invention and Scientific Research by the international organizing committee composed of Everest International for Invention (member of Global International Development Investment), Agencies and International National Financial Institutions. The headquarters of this committee will be in Tunisia. The applications of the countries wishing to host the 2nd edition of the international championship of invention and scientific research will be known later.

All these events will only be possible if a national and international steering committee associated with the TICAD organizing committee is quickly set up in partnership with the countries of the African continent.

It is worth highlighting that the event featured several workshops on various industry and innovation axes, including one on technology transfer strategies, another on water, energy and material sciences for sustainable development in Africa, as well as on biotechnology, health, food, agriculture, information and communication technologies, as well as innovative relationships between personal medicine, genetic engineering, nanotechnology and innovations, and the Crowdfunding project.

Of the 2,985 who registered, 1,583 attended the event, with 764 online attendees, 253 partnership applications and 89 exhibitors. The organizers of the event have sought to strengthen the role of Tunisia as a strategic partner of Africa and promote its presence in the scientific field to the international community, in partnership with Japan and the TICAD countries, and technology transfer to developing countries.

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