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President El-Sisi Follows up on State's Plan to Develop Historic Cairo Area

Today, President Abdel Fattah El-Sisi met with Prime Minister Dr. Mostafa Madbouly, Minister of Local Development Major General Hesham Amna, Minister of Higher Education Dr. Ayman Ashour, Governor of Cairo Major General Khaled Abdel Aal, Advisor to the President for Planning Major General Amir Ahmed, Head of the Engineering Authority of the Armed Forces Major General Ahmed El-Azazy, and Assistant Director of road designs in the Armed Forces Engineering Authority Brigadier General Abdel Aziz El-Feki.

The Spokesman for the Egyptian Presidency stated that the meeting discussed the state's plan to develop the historic Cairo region, in light of the increasing challenges and problems it faced during the last decades, including the spread of random markets, and the severe damage to buildings and cemeteries from groundwater, and traffic congestion. Due to these challenges, the state of the region has become a serious threat to a vital part of Egypt's history and ancient heritage. Accordingly, this situation requires an integrated vision for comprehensive development, in a way that ends the problems hindering the lives of citizens and preserving the unique historical value of the region.

The Spokesman added that the President was briefed, during the meeting, on the status of the development of the region, especially with regard to linking the region's sectors with a network of various tourist paths and movement axes, and establishing a network of green spaces. The goal is to revive heritage areas and link archaeological and tourist areas and shrines, with the aim of preserving heritage in the region and promote tourism.

The President was also briefed on the most important obstacles that impede implementation plans. He directed that policies and implementation procedures be harmonized to form an integrated system aimed at developing the urban and historical scope of the region. This shall include the urban upgrading of the surrounding residential areas, stressing the need to preserve the distinctive character of this region and its archaeological and architectural value, in a manner that integrates with development efforts throughout the Egyptian state to achieve the aspirations of Egyptians toward building a strong and advanced country that provides a high quality of life for all citizens.

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