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DRINNNGGGGG!! Nearly 20,000 Likes over 15 Countries, TECNO#CAMON12#CtheWorld Best Photography Campaign Is in Full Swing

Global premier mobile phone brand TECNO Mobile (www.TECNO-Mobile.com) first launched the new smartphones CAMON 12 series with upgraded camera in Africa last month and kicked off #CAMON12#CtheWorld Best Photography Campaign. The best photographic work will win the opportunity to be in National Geographic, the most leading influence and authority magazine in global photography.

In a little less than one month, more than 5000 photography lovers from over 15 countries join this campaign and nearly 20,000 likes obtained. This figure is expected to increase dramatically due to many other countries will launch the CAMON 12 series soon afterwards in October. Up to now, the campaign attracted a large number of professional photographers from different countries to join this activity and share their experience of using CAMON 12 for photography, covering around 264,000 followers and with nearly 10,000 deep engagement.

Rich Allela, for example, winner of six national professional photography competitions, was ever a footwear designer, and started his journey in photography with mobile phone. CAMON 12 becomes his new photography device once launched because of its AI camera which picks different scenes well and allows for creative shooting using the bokeh and macro features as well as the wide-angle camera which enables the user to capture a lot of detail in tight spaces. To him, photography represents a form of freedom to express self and explore the world. He joined the campaign immediately with the passion of photography and wish his followers enjoy the fun of mobile photography with him.

Now, the campaign is in full swing and here let's appreciate some good photographs.

Photographer: Elvis Akewe

From: Nigeria

About the photo: Shot in Delta State Nigeria I went to a local palm oil processing place. I was thrilled at the scene the local women were working hard to make palm oil of palm fruit so I sat with them learnt the process and took a shot.

Photographer: Rich Allela

From: Kenya

About the photo: A portrait of the magnificent Turkana tribe from Northern Kenya. The main source of livelihood for the Turkana is fishing. The women wear beautiful neckpieces handmade using beads.

Photographer: Lanre Adesoye

From: Benin

About the photo: The model is Mohammed, a friend, and the photo was taken on our outing to the beach. With this photo I intend to pass the message of Hope. No matter how downtrodden you might feel because of the waves (obstacles) in sight, be still and trust that there is a calm after the storm.

Photographer: Habib Zakawanu Onoruoyiza

From: Nigeria

About the photo: The spider looks amazing in it's spider web, that's a shelter for the spider.

Log in http://bit.ly/2Be1EqE, find the Unlock the #CAMON12#CtheWorld Best Photography Campaign post and click the link to participate, now!

Distributed by APO Group on behalf of TECNO Mobile.

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