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Eritrea: Effort to control desert locust invasion in Northern Red Sea

The Ministry of Agriculture reported that strong effort is being exerted to control the desert locust invasion that has been detected in vast coastal areas of the Northern Red Sea Region.

Mr. Efrem Aron, head of migrating pests at the Ministry of Agriculture, said that according to the situation assessment made by the higher body to control desert locust invasion, senior professionals and heads in the Northern Red Sea Region cross border desert locust invasion have been observed extending from the sub-zone of Karora to Gelalo.

Mr. Efrem also said that extensive effort is being exerted from the centers established at Gadem-Hilb, Emahmimen, and Sheib to control the spread of the desert locust invasion and so far encouraging controlling effort has been made on over 1200 hectares of land.

Mr. Efrem further said that the Ministry of Agriculture has made the necessary preparations to control the invasion and called on the public, administrations, and members of the Defense Forces to strengthen participation in the effort.

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