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Eritrea: Assessment Meetings on Progress of Agricultural Activities

The Ministry of Agriculture conducted an assessment of activities from April 16 to 19, focusing on the first quarter and the five-year strategic plan. These meetings took place in the Central, Anseba, and Gash Barka regions and were attended by over 400 individuals including the Minister of Agriculture, regional administrators, senior officials from the Ministry, and agricultural experts.

During the meetings, reports were presented that centered on the key elements of the five-year strategic plan. These included land development, natural resources management, crop development, livestock development, integrated and sustainable agro-business, and human resources development.

Regional heads from the Ministry of Agriculture also delivered reports on various topics such as human resources deployment at all levels, water and soil conservation, the construction of micro-dams, development of vegetables and fruits, health of livestock and crop seeds, agricultural inspection, research and trials, and controlling locust invasions.

Participants engaged in extensive discussions on the presented reports and adopted several recommendations. These recommendations aimed at enhancing environmental sustainability, producing liquid fertilizers from organic waste, providing training to farmers, strengthening surveillance and control of desert locust invasions, and introducing solar-powered irrigation systems, among others.

The regional governors emphasized the need for effective land management and usage, encourage young agricultural experts to increase their involvement in improving agricultural outputs, and highlighted the importance of intensifying water and soil conservation efforts.

Speaking at the events, Mr. Arefaine Berhe, Minister of Agriculture, highlighted ongoing initiatives aimed at increasing agricultural production through exemplary farmers, small and integrated family agricultural programs, and small to medium agro-businesses, noting that these initiatives were yielding encouraging results.

Minister Arefaine pointed out that integrated water and soil conservation, the development of household poultry farms, cultivation of sweet potatoes, beekeeping, and the expansion of improved crop seeds, as well as the use of organic fertilizers, are crucial for ensuring nutritious food availability for everyone. He also urged ministry members, agricultural experts, administrators, and the public to regularly hold assessment meetings to review their activities.

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