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Revna Biosciences Advances Cancer Research, Adding to Previous Food and Drug Administration (FDA) Approvals

Revna Biosciences (RevnaBio) (www.RevnaBio.com), a leading precision medicine company based in Ghana, is making strides in its mission to address unmet needs in cancer care. The company announced that data from its ongoing Ghana FDA-mandated cancer clinical research covering solid and blood cancers has begun supporting product registration. This achievement comes a few months after RevnaBio successfully introduced advanced molecular tests in infectious diseases and maternal and child health.

RevnaBio's latest feat marks a significant step towards addressing West Africa's lack of advanced molecular diagnostic testing for cancer. The company's commitment to enhancing regional biomedical capabilities is evident in its technology localisation efforts. In collaboration with precision medicine leader Diatech Pharmacogenetics, RevnaBio is addressing patients' needs today for improved diagnostics and treatment options in future. The company's approach uses Diatech's EasyPGX & the Myriapod platforms, which provide qPCR IVD and NGS tests, the most comprehensive solutions for cancer precision medicine – a first in West Africa.

The Chief Executive Officer of Diatech Pharmacogenetics, Oliva Alberti, said,

"We are proud to collaborate with Revna Biosciences in this groundbreaking endeavour. Together, we're making personalised therapy more accessible in West Africa. Our role is to develop comprehensive assays for molecular profiling to aid in the fight against cancer. We're doing our part towards a future where every patient can access advanced molecular diagnostic testing."

Dr Derrick Akpalu, Co-Founder and CEO of Revna Biosciences, expressed optimism about the impact of their new developments; he said,

"We are pioneering today for a healthier tomorrow. At full deployment, the EasyPGX platform offers up to 80% liquid biopsy capability, ensuring patients can have a blood draw for cancer testing here in West Africa. We are positive this will enhance our ongoing oncology research and clinical care efforts."

Dr Akpalu also acknowledged the invaluable contributions of research participants and collaborating investigators from various teaching hospitals across Ghana. He added,

"Many thanks to our collaborating investigators at the Korle Bu Teaching Hospital, the 37 Military Teaching Hospital, the Cape Coast Teaching Hospital and the Sweden Ghana Medical Center for partnering with us. We look forward to activating many more study sites and sharing insights from this pivotal study as the study further matures."

Visit www.Revna.com for more information about Revna Biosciences and its ongoing cancer profiling study.

Distributed by APO Group on behalf of Revna Biosciences.

About Revna Biosciences:
With its operational base in Accra, Ghana, and serving across West Africa, Revna Biosciences (RevnaBio) is a biomedical company dedicated to advancing molecular diagnostics and therapeutic discovery. With a mission to champion precision medicine for all, RevnaBio is committed to uncovering the biological underpinnings of diseases affecting Africans, people of African descent, and the global population.

RevnaBio offers a comprehensive suite of services, including advanced molecular diagnostics, biobanking, biomarker exploration, clinical research, central lab services, disease monitoring, treatment selection, and trial management. Through strategic partnerships with international biotech leaders such as QIAGEN, Diatech Pharmacogenetics, and Idil Biotech, RevnaBio provides state-of-the-art biomedical services in the heart of West Africa.

RevnaBio holds all necessary local permits and licenses, including the Health Facilities Regulatory Authority (HeFRA) permit for tertiary laboratories. RevnaBio has the approval of Ghana's Food & Drugs Authority (FDA) and is an active American Association for Laboratory Accreditation (A2LA) member.

For more information about Revna Biosciences and its groundbreaking work in precision medicine, please contact +233-59-900-9977 or visitwww.RevnaBio.com.

About Diatech Pharmacogenetics:
Diatech Pharmacogenetics is a leading Italian company in the research, development, production and commercialization of high-quality molecular diagnostic tools for precision oncology medicine, certified according to the CE IVD standard (In vitro diagnostics).
Founded in 1996, the company aims to simplify complex molecular diagnostic procedures into easy end-to-end solutions, from nucleic acid extraction and molecular analysis to final reporting. Diatech has shown strong growth in recent years and today is among the first players in the EU market for the oncology diagnostics market.

For more information about Diatech Pharmacogenetics and its groundbreaking work in precision medicine, please contact them at +39-0731-213243 or visitwww.DiatechPharmacogenetics.com.

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