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Early Year Gathering with Indonesian Citizens in Sudan, Indonesian Embassy in Khartoum Holds Futsal Championship 2023

Starting 2023, the Indonesian Embassy in Khartoum in collaboration with PPI Sudan held sports activities with Indonesian citizens in Sudan in the form of the 2023 Futsal Championship on Saturday (11/2) at the Solah Najah Sports Center (GOR), Khartoum.

It is hoped that this activity will continue to maintain and strengthen the relationship between the Indonesian Embassy in Khartoum and various elements of Indonesian society in Sudan, as well as maintain the cohesiveness of fellow citizens. Sports activities are also a joint effort to maintain health and physical fitness.

The community's enthusiasm was very high as reflected in the large number of participants who registered, without half-hearted, as many as 13 of the best futsal teams (130 people) registered to join in to enliven and fight for prizes from Ambassador Sunarko with a total SDG value of 225,000.

There is something interesting about this futsal match, in an effort to promote Indonesian tourism, the entire team used the names of Indonesia's priority tourism destinations or what is known as the 10 New Balis - Plus, including Lake Toba, Borobudur, Labuan Bajo, and Mandalika.

In his remarks, Ambassador Sunarko took advantage of the momentum at the start of the year as a gathering event to strengthen the spirit of brotherhood and unity among Indonesian people in Sudan through joint sporting activities, the 2023 Futsal Championship.

The Indonesian Ambassador also said that since the beginning of 2023 the Indonesian government has intensified all economic sectors, including tourism promotion. Through this futsal championship, the Indonesian Embassy in Khartoum also promotes Indonesia's priority tourism destinations.

Meanwhile, Arya, the Chairperson of PPI Sudan, appreciated the holding of these sports activities which also coincided with the 41st Anniversary of PPI Sudan.

Not only futsal, the Indonesian Embassy in Khartoum also provides table tennis facilities for the participants who come to use, as well as an Indonesian culinary bazaar which offers a variety of Indonesian specialties such as omelet rolls, kue pukis, batagor, gado-gado and satay.

The performance of silat as an original Indonesian culture from the Muhammadiyah Youth Tapak Suci College and the White Walet College, which involved the best cadres from the Sudanese people, enlivened and appeared stunning in front of the 250 participants who attended.

At the end of the activity, PF. Pensosbud, Mr. Musurifun representing Ambassador Sunarko handed over prizes to the first, second and third winners and reminded the purpose of this activity was to strengthen friendship through sports. For those who lose, don't give up, and for the winners, don't be arrogant. Congratulations to the champions! Congratulations to all Indonesian people!

Distributed by APO Group on behalf of Embassy of the Republic of Indonesia in Khartoum, Sudan.
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