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We inform, we communicate

Coronavirus – Eritrea: Announcement from the Ministry of Health (15 June 2021)

Thirty-one patients have been diagnosed positive for COVID-19 in tests carried out today at Quarantine Centers in Northern Red Sea, Southern, Southern Red Sea, Central, and Gash Barka Regions.

Out of these, ten patients are from Quarantine Centers in Massawa (6), Hirghigho (4); Northern Red Sea Region. Nine patients are from Quarantine Centers in Mendefera (5), Senafe (3), and Decamere (1); Southern Region. Six patients are from Quarantine Center in Wade; Southern Red Sea Region. Four patients are from Quarantine Center in Asmara, Central Region. The last two patients are from Quarantine Center in Ghirmaika, Gash Barka Region.

On the other hand, sixty-six patients who have been receiving medical treatment in hospitals in the Central (34), Gash Barka (17), Southern (9), and Anseba (6), Regions have recovered fully and have been discharged from these facilities. Unfortunately, a 50-year old female patient in the Southern Region has passed away due to the pandemic.

The total number of recovered patients to-date has accordingly risen to 4,486 while the number of deaths has increased to 17.

The total number of confirmed cases in the country to-date has increased to 5,012.

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