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Delegation of the Committee on Food and Agriculture of the German Bundestag Visits Namibia

A delegation of the Committee on Food and Agriculture of the German Bundestag is visiting Namibia from 1 – 6 April 2017. The delegation is headed by Alois Gerig (CDU/CSU) and includes Artur Auernhammer (CDU/CSU), Hermann Färber (CDU/CSU), Carola Stauche (CDU/CSU), Rita Hagl-Kehl (SPD), Dr. Wilhelm Priesmeier (SPD) and Harald Ebner (BÜNDNIS 90/DIE GRÜNEN). The visit by the delegation focuses on the effects of climate change on agriculture, the importance of land reform for the agricultural sector in Southern Africa, economic vocational und further training, the improvement of rural regions, the development potential for urban agriculture as well as the prospects of trade in the area of food and agriculture. The delegation will visit the north of Namibia and the capital Windhoek. The delegation is planning an extensive exchange of ideas with members of parliament, representatives from government, farmers unions, initiatives and non-government organisations. The visit will include discussions with German political foundations, the KfW and GIZ. In addition, the delegation will visit a number of agricultural enterprises, projects of the German development cooperation, agricultural research stations and universities, empowerment-projects aimed at strengthening the foundation of agricultural enterprises as well as organisations of the food industry.
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