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Turkish Doctors Healed Patients Who Cannot Access Healthcare Services in Mali

Turkish Cooperation and Coordination Agency and İyilik Sağlık Foundation carried out a health event and within the scope of this event, a team of Turkish doctors and health officials conducted a health scan in the Sikasso region and in Sugulinku and Faladie refugee camps near Bamako, the capital.

The health scan was done from June 19thto 25th, 2022 in Bougouny in the Sikasso region and covered internal medicine, gastroenterology, orthopaedics, traumatology, emergency medicine, public health, children's health and childhood illnesses. More than 250 patients benefitted from the health scan. Besides, the team examined more than 300 patients in Bougouny Referans Hospital and gave them free medicine.

In the health scans done in the Faladie Refugee Camps, where people who fled the civil war in the north of Mali stay, nearly 500 patients were examined. Besides, about 30 refugee children were circumcised.

The health event covered 2000 examinations in total.

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