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We inform, we communicate

Oakbay comments on the real reasons for finance minister's court action

Ronica Ragavan, Acting CEO of Oakbay Investments (http://OakbayInvestments.co.za), comments on today's events in Court:

"The ulterior motives of the Finance Minister have been made very clear in Court today. He has used an irrelevant and fundamentally flawed list of transactions to further his warfare against Oakbay and its shareholders. Even worse, he has used both his office and the resources of the State to pursue this.

"The reason the Minister is using Oakbay as a pawn for his own political purposes is a mystery to us. Perhaps it is to try and protect the banking sector from future scrutiny into its conduct. Either way, it is reckless and inappropriate.

"We look forward to the judgement and are confident that common sense will prevail."

Distributed by APO on behalf of Oakbay Investments Ltd.

Contact: corpcomm@oakbay.co.za

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