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Africa Oil & Power boosts Mozambique Local Content Via Technical Workshops

Africa Oil & Power (AOP) (www.AfricaOilAndPower.com) held its Mozambique Gas & Power (MGP) 2021 day of Technical Workshops today; the virtual workshops were held by leading companies in Mozambique and targeted a range of subjects including local content, capacity building, and gas-to-power; dedicated exclusively to showcasing the progressive energy and non-energy initiatives taking place across Mozambique, the workshops were a build up to MGP 2021, re-scheduled to later in 2021.

Africa Oil & Power (AOP) held its Mozambique Gas & Power (MGP) 2021 day of technical workshops today, aimed at enhancing local content and knowledge transfer in Mozambique's growing energy industry. Held using a virtual format in order to allow AOP's global audience to attend and participate, the workshops targeted a range of subjects including capacity building, critical infrastructure, security and community, and deal-making across the energy value chain. In partnership with the Ministry of Mineral Resources and Energy, Empresa Nacional de Hidrocarbonetos, the African Energy Chamber, the Mozambican Oil & Gas Chamber, and Attitude HR, the workshop series was conducted by leading companies in sub-Saharan Africa. The sessions included question submissions, poll participation and networking with distinguished guests.

The technical workshops focused on local content within Mozambique's energy sector and included a roundtable discussion led by Deloitte, with specific discussion points directed at methods of enhancing local company participation, the increase in women's inclusivity, and sectoral challenges hindering local content. With notable speakers including Natalia Magaia Camba, Director of Local Content, National Petroleum Institute of Mozambique; Victor Tivane, Local Content Director at ENH; Thomas Rodriguez, Local Content Manager: Mozambique LNG, Total; Shauki Musallam, Territory Manager: Middle East & Africa, Polati of Russia; António Fumo, Local Content Director, Sasol; and Marco Correia, CEO of Duys, the sessions offered an all-inclusive look at the value of local content within Mozambique.

"We need to be able to learn from other countries and other market's mistakes," stated Correia. "We are fully capable of driving local content, and must be ready with the right partners who are interested in developing local content with us. We need to be equipped with the right skills and cheap financing. Mozambique has the labor and the people who can be easily taught and skilled."

In addition to local content, the workshops offered an in-depth discussion of the value of gas-to-power infrastructure for Africa in which an insightful presentation by TAQA Arabia and detailed case study examples emphasized the socio-economic and electrification advantages associated with the resource. Panelists included Khaled Abubakr, Executive Chairman, TAQA Arabia; Adly Kafafy, VP Africa & New Ventures, TAQA Arabia; and Michael Konadu, Commercial Growth Director, GE Power Sub Saharan Africa, Ghana.

"If you have a reliable energy delivery, you will have a reliable economy," stated Khaled Abubakr. "Having strong infrastructure and pipelines will help countries balance gas shortages and monetize surplus. Typically, what is happening in Mozambique, is that there is a focus on export facilities which will be fine for surplus and monetization, but the next step is to develop the infrastructure such as pipelines to focus exports on the region."

"Africa needs affordable electricity," stated Michael Konadu. "Gas can supply affordable, reliable, and sustainable electricity to the entire region. You cannot be involved in the power sector without being involved in the gas sector."

By bringing together global investors and policymakers in the oil, gas, and power industry together for this focused technical workshop program, AOP aims to drive further investment and development in Mozambique's transformative energy industry.

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