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Coronavirus - South Africa: Employment and Labour on Gauteng being largest recipient of Unemployment Insurance Fund (UIF) Coronavirus COVID-19 Relief Benefits

As expected Gauteng had the highest number of beneficiaries who have been paid COVID-19 TERS benefits. Almost half of the more than R14-billion paid out so far, has been paid to 1186833 workers in the province via 79271 employers.

The Northern Cape had the least number of claimants with R140-million paid to the province for 25155 workers represented by 2972 employers. The second province was the Western Cape with R2.3-billion disbursed so far for 429793 workers represented by 38486 workers.

KwaZulu-Natal is the third largest recipient with over R2.1-billion paid there to 409775 workers as claimed by 29988 employers while fourth spot is the Eastern Cape with R782-million distributed to 146189 workers in the province represented by 13163 employers.

They are closely followed by Mpumalanga with 145046 workers represented by 10991 employers being handed R760-million in cash benefits; Free State with 90553 workers represented by 10240 employers who in total claimed R477-million; Limpopo with 73001 workers getting their share via 6993 employers totalling R372-million and the North West is second last with R93-million distributed there for 69041 workers who had their applications submitted by 6536 employers.

Another important fact is that more and more people are being paid directly even though the claims are submitted by the employers. So far, 78431 workers have been paid directly a total of R350-million and they are represented by 5975 employers.

According to the Commissioner, employers still have until the end of May to address queries where the UIF has reverted to them with regard to incomplete information.

This has resulted with the UIF holding back close to R2.5-billion for 569418 workers. These claims have been lodged by 78831 employers.

Ordinarily, feedback for payment or non-payment with reasons thereof together with acceptance or approval is sent to employers viaautomated process within 24 hour through e-mail address provided in addition to the on-line portal.

"The UIF will still be attending to general enquiries till the end of May for April applications. Employees not found on UIF database are submitted to SARS for verification and upon receipt of SARS results, the successful employees' applications will be processed for payment during the month of May. In the case that the SARS verification does not yield results, we will continue with the verification process by exploring other avenues", said Commissioner Teboho Maruping.

At the height of the applications, the UIF registered as many as 1711505 hits which at times caused the site to crash. But that now is in the past and going forward, the site has been improved and capacity significantly ramped up.

Issued by: Department of Employment and Labour

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