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We inform, we communicate

Statement attributable to the United Nations Resident and Humanitarian Coordinator in Sudan, Ms. Marta Ruedas, on the easing of US sanctions against Sudan

The Resident and Humanitarian Coordinator in Sudan, Ms. Marta Ruedas, welcomes the easing of sanctions imposed by the United States against the Republic of Sudan, announced yesterday.

This decision is recognition of steps taken by the Government of Sudan during recent months in a number of important areas. The Resident and Humanitarian Coordinator congratulatesthe Government of Sudan and the people of Sudan on the implementation of these steps which have led to the improvement of relations between the Republic of Sudan and the United States and include key decisions that will facilitate humanitarian actors' efforts to deliver aid to those in need in months to come.

At the same time, this decision will provide a solid platform for the sustainable development of the country.The United Nations stands ready to provide all possible support to the Government of Sudan to ensure that this development meets the needs and aspirations of the people of Sudan at national and local levels.

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