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Free Broadcast Quality Video - Siemens Ethiopia Technology Day: In Ethiopia. For Ethiopia

Ethiopia, a regional powerhouse with much demand for efficient and sustainable infrastructure. Siemens (www.Siemens.com) is in Ethiopian to provide infrastructure solutions that will help grow Ethiopia's economy and sustainably uplift its society.

On the 25th of October 2017, Siemens hosted customers and partners at a Technology Day at the Sheraton Hotel in Addis Ababa. The aim was to showcase their portfolio and technologies that are relevant for Ethiopia and East Africa's growth and transformation plans.

The company is in the process of setting up and expanding its East Africa footprint and is making Ethiopia the Headquarters of their East Africa Hub.

"We have a solid foundation to build on, but we have a lot of work to do. If we work together and pay closer attention to our customers and partners in development, there is no reason why Ethiopia cannot succeed." – Sabine Dall'Omo, Siemens CEO Southern and Eastern Africa.

Please use the following link to download broadcast-quality footage to help you with your coverage of this event:

AFP Forum: http://u.afp.com/4rGg Vimeo: http://bit.ly/2iwoe8b

Access the YouTube B-Roll video ofSiemens Ethiopia Technology Day over here:http://APO.af/YfXdp3.

Access the YouTube Voiceovervideo ofSiemens Ethiopia Technology Day over here: http://APO.af/F5E2f5.

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WS of the event CU of the podium MS of the podium CU of the screen WS of the event VAR of the opening of the event

SOUNDBITE 1, Sabina Dall'omo, CEO of Southern and Eastern Africa (Woman, English, 37sec) "We have decided that East Africa hub will be in Ethiopia. Lukas Duursema our CEO for that hub will be permanently based with him team here in Ethiopia. The reason why we have chosen Ethiopia is outlined already about all the great capability Ethiopian has shown to continuously grow business so we believe really that there is a significant amount of business we will be able to support in Ethiopia. But on the other hand, Ethiopia also has great attributes when it comes to connectivity not only within Africa but also with other countries."

VAR Participants attending the event WS Participants attending the sessions MS Participants attending the sessions CU Participants attending the sessions

SOUNDBITE 2, Lukas Duursema, CEO of Eastern Africa (Man, English, 37sec)
"Anything that touches on Ethiopia and Kenya is essentially our east Africa hub. So not the typical East Africa terminology but that is what we consider East Africa. And like I said a little bit earlier so definitely our focus is further working on the electrification side that us a core area for us But we see the emergence of industry very prominently, so we have started engaging with various industry leaders be it from pipe lines, from fertilizer plants, cement plants, that we will start this process now. So it's a core focus not only in Ethiopia but the whole of East Africa."

WS participants attending the event MS Participants attending the event CU Participants attending the event

SOUNDBITE 3, Lukas Duursema, CEO of Eastern Africa (Man, English, 17sec)
"What we bring with us is our global knowledge and positioning that in the Ethiopian. And that is why we said earlier also that is how we add value to the local employment and employee and partners of Siemens and customers ultimately."


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