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APO Ramps up Multimedia Press Release Distribution in Africa with CDNetworks

CDNetworks (www.CDNetworks.com), the global content delivery network (CDN) with fully integrated Cloud Security solution, has been chosen by APO (http://www.APO-opa.com), the sole press release newswire in Africa, to accelerate its press release distribution platform www.Africa-Newsroom.com, and bolster the online visibility of its clients' multimedia press releases in Africa and the world.

CDNetworks provides journalists, consumers, and target audiences with an optimized experience by making www.Africa-Newsroom.com load three times faster, speeding up access to multimedia press releases.

By using CDNetworks, static content is cached locally, close to the end user, thus reducing distance-induced latency from APO's local servers. In addition, CDNetworks enables APO to quickly and reliably deliver dynamic content to users around the world. This decreases Time to First Byte (TTFB) – the time it takes from a user to make an HTTP request to the first byte of the page being received by the user's browser – of www.Africa-Newsroom.com from 133ms to 7ms. At the same time, CDNetworks accelerates the downloading of press releases with multimedia content (videos, photos, documents and audio-files). These rich Africa-related multimedia press releases are now available to all journalists around the globe within a fraction of a second.

Adding multimedia content to a press release results in read rates well above industry standards when compared to a simple text-only news release. APO gives its customers the option to enrich their press releases - free of charge - by adding multimedia content such as photos, videos, audio files, links, and documents. CDNetworks will enable APO to deliver this content efficiently and meet the growing demand for multimedia press release distribution in Africa by consolidating its technological and commercial leadership.

Africa-Newsroom.com is the undisputed source of press releases and multimedia files related to Africa, publishing press releases, videos, photos, documents and audio-files for companies such as Samsung, Facebook, DHL, Visa, MoneyGram, PwC, Hitachi, Ecobank, Novartis, Caterpillar, Orange, and much more (Source list:http://www.APO.af/DJbGqJ).

"Accelerating global websites into emerging markets is one of our specialties. We are very happy that APO has entrusted us to speed up their unique platform for press release distribution and integrated marketing dedicated to Africa globally," said Alex Nam, Managing Director EMEA at CDNetworks.

According to the International Telecommunications Union (ITU), Africa's internet capacity is growing, however it remains slow when compared to other countries in the developing world. This makes it difficult for internet users to download rich multimedia press releases with high-quality images, video, documents and audio files, unless the content delivery process is supported by a high performance CDN.

CDNetworks' unique position as the only multinational CDN with expertise and infrastructure in China, Russia and other emerging markets enables CDNetworks to be a trusted partner in local markets, while serving as foremost experts on extending into global markets.

Distributed by APO (African Press Organization) on behalf of CDNetworks.

Media contact:
Franziska Moser

About CDNetworks

CDNetworks (http://www.CDNetworks.com) is a global content delivery network (CDN) with fully integrated Cloud Security DDoS protection and web application firewall. Our mission is to transform the Internet into a secure, reliable, scalable, and high-performing Application Delivery Network. CDNetworks accelerates more than 40,000 websites and cloud services over a network of 160+ global PoPs in established and emerging markets including China and Russia. We have been serving enterprise customers for 15 years across industries such as gaming, finance, ecommerce, high tech, manufacturing, and media. CDNetworks offices are located in the U.S., UK, South Korea, China, Japan, and Singapore.

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