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Young Namibian “Ambassadors” off to Germany: 19 Namibian German Language Learners on AGDS Student Exchange to Germany

On 21 November 2016, the Association of German School Societies in Namibia (AGDS) and Cultural Counsellor at the Embassy of the Federal Republic of Germany in Namibia Ullrich Kinne saw off 19 students from different Windhoek schools, who were leaving on a student exchange to Germany. The AGDS, together with the Association for German Cultural Relations Abroad (VDA), has been organising a 10 to 12 week stay for Namibian youth during the Namibian summer break in Germany for many years. The 19 students will be accommodated in German guest families, visit the schools of their partner children and thus get to know daily German life. They will also convey Namibian culture and lifestyle to their German friends and acquaintances. Ullrich Kinne wished the young Namibian "Ambassadors" an interesting and exciting stay in Germany and thanked their parents and families for their support. In an era of rising nationalism, isolationism and xenophobia worldwide, it is important that young people continue to build bridges between countries and their peoples. The youngsters also were eagerly anticipating the exchange. In return, the guest children from Germany will spend 6 to 8 weeks in Namibia during their summer holidays to also get to know the people and the country. The student exchange has been financially and logistically supported by the German Embassy for many years. This year's student exchange was financially supported by the embassy to the tune of 58.500 N$. This especially supports the participation of youth whose parents would not be able to afford the exchange otherwise.
Distributed by APO on behalf of The Embassy of the Federal Republic of Germany - Windhoek.
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