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Work on the framing of minerals classification system in Africa begins

A pioneering initiative leading towards a framework for mineral resource classification in Africa had a kick-off meeting on Monday, 2 October 2017–starting a weeklong series of deliberations of African geological experts and classification specialists.

Organized by the African Minerals Development Centre (AMDC), the workshop looks into adapting the United Nations Frameworks Classification for Fossil Energy and Mineral Reserves and Resources (UNFC 2009) system based on the tenets of the Africa Mining Vision (AMV).

The new initiative called the African Mineral Resource Classification (AMREC) is envisioned to enhance regional cooperation in sustainable development by providing a classification framework for management of mineral resources on land, continental shelf and seabed within the region.

The UNFC recognizes that establishing a complete picture of the current and future supply base of fossil energy and minerals is necessary for effective resources management. It also sees development is dependent on careful management of the world's non‐renewable extractive resources and UNFC‐2009 has an important role to play in this process. On the other hand, the AMV is a mining approach that looks into using mineral resources as catalysts for sustainable development.

In his opening speech, Hamed Ibrahim Mira, Chairman of the Nuclear Materials Authority of Egypt, said, "The framework will help governments manage their natural resources with a sustainable long-term view. In this regard, it is clear that UNFC system could be used to achieve the objectives of the African Mining Vision."

Harikishnan Tulsidas of the UN Economic Commission for Europe, said, "The availability of these non‐renewable resources over the longer term is of crucial importance to both consumers and producers, particularly as a large and growing population is coming out of poverty." Guided by the technical specifications of UNFC and the development-driven AMV, the AMREC will serve as a tool to drive Africa's socio-economic progress. Harikrishnan added that it will be a platform for holistic resource development.

Attended by geological experts from African member states, classification specialists, and participants from the extractive sector; the comments and information gathering from experts will help guide the production of the framework. The AMREC project will have further discussions on the framing of the requirements towards the production of the final document.

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